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0% Cured

Our nails are made out of 100% real gel nail polish


Our nail strips are 60% cured upon unboxing—soft, stretchy, and adaptable to various nail shapes/sizes. Designed for gel nail lamp curing

100% CURED

When fully cured with the lamp, the nail strips become hardened, carries it natural shine, lasting for over 14 days and are water-proof.


What's the difference between gel nail strips and other regular nail wraps?

Our gel nail wraps are upgraded with 3rd generation technology and made of real gel nail polish. This includes a base adhesive, gel nail polish layer with art design, and glossy glaze as a top layer. Xirainbow nails are trusted to be of salon quality, toxin-free, adhesive, and long-lasting.

Will this damage my nails?

No, the gel is safe, non-toxic, HEMA free and made with salon grade gel polish. The cured gel serves as an additional layer of protection, strengthening the nails from breakage and biting.

The Xirainbow technology allows for an easy, non-damaging removal process. Just loosen the adhesive with nail polish remover or our cuticle oil remover and gently lift the Xirainbow off your nail!

I have super short/long/wide/narrow nails, can I use them?

Yes, the nail strips are designed to be trimmed to your own nail length.

How long do Xirainbow manicures last?

With proper nail prep and application, Xirainbow should last 2 weeks or more, sometimes over a month!

Just make sure to not stick it on any skin or cuticle.

I have allergies: Can I use the strips?

Xirainbow UV Gel Strips are designed to be allergy-friendly, free from HEMA, and boast a certification of being 14-free, ensuring they are devoid of the harmful substances typically found in traditional nail polishes. They also proudly carry the Dermatest seal, reaffirming their commitment to skin safety. Despite these precautions, the strips do include acrylates. To ensure a safe experience, it's advised to test the UV Gel Strips on a nail prior to their initial use, to prevent any potential allergic reactions.

Do I need a base or topcoat?

No really, darl~ our semi cured gel nail stickers are best suitable for bare nails! As for topcoats, the finish is so shiny that you won’t need one, but you certrainly can for that extra shine and durability.